deposit policy

A minimum $50 deposit is required to secure local bookings, and a minimum $100 is required for tours. Longer bookings, fly me to you bookings, and bookings that require significant travel may require a larger deposit.
Bookings will not be secured until a deposit has been paid.

Deposits can be made via direct transfer a minimum of 14 days prior to the booking. Deposits can also be made anytime leading up to the booking via direct deposit at a CBA smart ATM, cardless cash (if your bank allows it), Beem It, or Prezzee. More details will be given upon enquiry.

The fine print

Deposits can be transferred up to 3 times for reschedules, with a minimum 24 hours notice each reschedule, and for a reschedule date a maximum of 1 month from the original booking date. More than 3 reschedules, less than 24 hours notice, or with a rescheduled date of more than a month away will result in deposit being forfeited.
Deposits are non-refundable except in a case of cancellation by me.

Cancellations within 24  hours of the booking will result in deposit being forfeited. More than 24 hours notice and the deposit can be held for a week for a reschedule, or credited on other services (Skype show, video bundle, custom video etc.)

Changes made to the booking within 24 hours may result in deposit being forfeited.

If I cancel the booking, the deposit can be either refunded, transferred, or credited on other services.

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